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What is the intensity of polyester fibber sewing thread and function
source:admin time:2018-12-08
Every kinds of line is having different intensity and property, but the intensity to polyester fibber sewing thread and function are having a lot of latterer new guest to ask powerfully know desire, accordingly, of global spin net small make up an analysis to be as follows:
1) the intensity of sewing thread yarn
Fiber ruptures intensity rises, although surge length increases, gauze is sectional in number of surge fiber root increases relatively, but rupture partial fibrous overall strength will have bigger rise. Accordingly, fibrous ruptures intensity is higher, yarn intensity is higher also.
2) the attrition function of sewing thread yarn
Increase when U of fiber surface coefficient of friction, slip resistance is great between fiber, surge length Lc is reduced, surge fibrous scale decreases, the intensity that become gauze rises. Raise fibrous curly number can increase slide between fiber obstruction, be helpful for the success that spinning machines not only, also conduce to those who become gauze strength rising.

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