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Embroider Chun Ya spins price embroider Chun Ya to spin a picture
source:admin time:2018-12-08

The material that embroider Chun Ya spins fabrics is to admit polyester fibber 75D/72F, choose smooth and steady change construction is become in the weaving on gush water loom, last stage of fall of merchandise on hand shrinks beforehand, finalize the design, many good technology such as embroider of computer of coloring, metallized thread is machined and become. The embroider breed of cloth cover a lot of, be like the embroider of lozenge division account, the edge of its lozenge case is appear with compound frame, and in the compound edge that embroider gives the line get more with wave type, show planar sense contentedly; The embroider of type of branches and leaves, it is with floral bine lever gives priority to body, thereafter embroider goes out various by every means floret, let a person kind of god Qing Dynasty enrages bright, regression feels naturally greatly. On the whole, the embroider design of cloth cover has planar feeling already, have again as if in current elephant. Look from colour and lustre, of this fabrics choose color to if,be weighed with be current of the current year light or it is classic look is given priority to, wait for color like Mi Bai, dark look, gray, pink, coffee, proper the ancient costume that makes aged woman or it is the garment such as suit is acted the role of. According to acquaintance, the fabric width that returns fabrics is 160cm, the retail price after appearing on the market is in 7.5 yuan / rice orders about, important sell upgrade sea, Guangzhou, Beijing to wait cosmopolitan.

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No.1005 wealth Building Block A Futian Market Yiwu China

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