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Embroidered thread Twisting machine-Embroidery thread ring twisting machine winding forming mechanism is mostly the same as the ring ingot spinning machine. The steel collar plate is raised and lowered by the short motion of the forming cam. After each lift, the position rises to a certain height, s...


Embroidered thread tube machine-Embroidered thread spinning machine, cotton spinning factory production of yarn there are some defects and impurities, such as coarse, details, double yarn, weak twist yarn, cotton knot and so on. The yarn is checked with a yarn cleaning device to remove defects and i...


Embroidery thread dyeing process-Embroidery thread dyeing before the water quality must be softened, staining with some high-performance chelating agent to dye; Add dyes(disperse dyes) Auxiliaries(high-temperature evenly dyed agents, chelating dispersants, fiber protectors, glacial acetic acid), 2 d...


Embroidered thread winding machine-(Embroidered thread spinning machine) uses cylindrical tubes. This type of spinning machine is mainly suitable for sewing lines such as pure cotton. Polyethylene. Cotton. Embroidery wire, usually specifications are: 1.8 amp; Quot; (45 mm)-6 ; Quot; (150 mm). Specia...

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Yiwu Aodong Thread Industry Co., Ltd. - Aodong Embroidery Thread Dealer Partners Recruitment, together to open a new era of 2019! In order to meet the needs of the companys business development strategy, the Aodong Thread industry is now recruiting long-term partners of Aodong embroidery Thread for the whole country. We sincerely invite you to join our embroidery Thread distributor system, together to explore the market full of opportunities and challenges, win-win cooperation! To become a distributor of Otton embroidery thread, you will get: 1. Autumn embroidery Thread distribution authorization, in the prescribed areas independently develop market operations 2. Aodong Thread will regularly launch market activities to provide market promotion and product promotion information. 3. Professional technical support and pre-sale and after-sale services provided by Odong Thread Industry 4. Obtain the corresponding discount for embroidery thread dealers, and get the corresponding rewards acco......

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